The World Garden
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Long ago Mother Earth was a perfect garden. There was a perfect blueprint for her. Then, fragmentation began and today the garden is far from perfect. Let us turn the imperfect to the perfect.
We begin small; each of us making one piece of a world garden of perfection. We overlay our efforts, our tapestry, on the energies of imperfect Mother Earth. That is how we change the imperfect to the perfect.

Barbara Wolf         
To contribute to "The World Garden" please send a hi res photo of your garden with your name and where you live to

Brigett - Capetown, South Africa

Heide Fischer Wessels
Washington, DC

Ingrid "Avia"  Avalonia, Linden, VA

Eric Van der Wyk - San Diego

Miroslava Josipovic-Kaca
Belgrade, Servia

Roy B. Kupsinel Oviedo, FL

Sananjaleen June Hughes - Sananda, Virginia


 Alanna Hartzok - Fayetteville, PA

Valtrude - Queensland Australia

Cheryl Binstock - Ontario, Canada 

Steve Roberts -

Dawn Maher - Vienna, Austria

Paula Christine - Woodstock, New York

  Jan Hersch - Danville, California

Loes Flendrie - The Keukenhof, near Lisse-The Netherlands

Gabriele O'Neill - Lower Lake, California

Silverstar Red Crow - McMinnville, Oregon


Becky Herrmann - Burrard Station, Vancouver, Canada

Irma Caristo - Alaska

Jill Charlotte - South Africa


Anne Lind - Temecula, CA

Bobbie Palanuik - Bentley, Alberta, Canada

Cusco Valley Peru 2002 - by Carol Hofmann (Oakland, CA)

Sanny McCann - Corvallis, Oregon


Lynne Pye - Columbia, Missouri

Gudrun Delin - Ascona/TI, South-Switzerland

Eric Ballard - Brighton, England

Joyce MacPherson - Ardington Oxfordshire England

Margaret Fikioris - Paco Verin pictured
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Stella - Pretoria, South Africa

Julie Coningham - Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Ed Jonas - Red Deer Alberta, Canada Dieter Schmitt Eiden - Casa Diego 
La Tejita - Tenerife
Elivia Melodey, San Marcos, California
Gwen Mangum, Sun City, California
Karen & Leo Downey
Golden, British Columbia
Maia Christianne Nartoomid
Mary Downes
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Ellen Van Allen
Santa Rosa, CA
Eva Bjerke
Uddevalla, Sweden
Nancy & Jannel
Itasca, MN
Anne Mette Kjr, Denmark Lily in Alabama
Angela Werneke
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Mary N. Carnahan
Lockport, Illinois
Ariel Ky
Renessa Bak
Hamilton, Ontario
Family Gosen-Wolff - Woods near
Ommen, The Netherlands
Celia M Gunn - Chakra garden
Bath, England
Larnaca, Cyprus
Cornelia Mae
Port Elizabeth
South Africa
Love in the Spring
Rochester, New York
Barbara and Jack Wolf
Carolan Evans/Gosselin
Acton, West London, England
May Collier
Bellevue, WA
Karinna Nielsen
Honolulu Church of Light
Anne Sutherland Fraser
Bayonet Point, Florida
Amy - Houston, Texas
Nordic Living Water Systems
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Raven Wolf - Lake Louise
Alberta, Canada
Annelle Hollingsworth
Anne Roberts
Newlin, PA  USA
Annelle Hollingsworth
Issaquah, Washington

Sister Donna Minster
Camden, NJ
Renata Garutti

Renata Garutti
Capocroce, Italy

Tour of my garden Gold finches and house finches in the bird bath
Eric Van der Wyk
San Diego, CA

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